Squarespace Websites

Isabel Bay Design has been creating websites for over 10 years using Squarespace.com and is now designing and building websites exclusively on this web-based platform.

Squarespace is an online, subscription-based, website publishing and content management system with tons of features, very affordable rates, modern customizable templates and works on all devices from smart phones to tablets to desktop computers. 

Squarespace is a great service for small businesses, especially: artists & photographers, clothing & graphic designers, health & wellness practitioners, restaurants & cafes, musicians, stores & retailers, writers & bloggers, etc. It caters to anyone selling a service, makes it easy to show off portfolios or organize important events, like a wedding.

With Squarespace, you may register a new website domain name or use your existing domain name (web address.)

And, depending on one's technical aptitude and a little bit of training, Squarespace allows you to maintain your own website.

Make an appointment today; the first half-hour is free for new clients. 

"I’m starting to get comfortable with editing stuff—I made several changes with success. I was smart to pick you and Squarespace!!!" —Squarespace client & workshop participant

"We have been using Squarespace since 2007 and have been really happy with the ease of changing up our website, adding and shifting things. Adrienne was really fantastic at setting up a site that worked well for us and then efficiently empowering us to manage it on our own." —longtime Squarespace client

“The website is beautiful and everything is correct and in the right place. Many thanks! Let it rip!” —longtime, multi-site, Squarespace client

In the News: In April 2015, Google changed their search results for mobile devices, giving higher rankings for websites that are mobile-friendly and penalizing those that are not! Is your website mobile-friendly? Squarespace Version 7 automatically creates tablet-friendly and mobile-friendly versions of your website keeping your rankings high and your website looking good and readable on all devices.

FYI: Due to changes in Internet technology, Isabel Bay Design creates only Squarespace websites and is no longer building custom-coded websites. If you really, really, want one, I highly recommend CubeFree.com.

“I just noticed our sales have increased 14% in the last year. I'm sure that has something to do with a new, better website. Thanks for your good work!”
—Squarespace client

"BTW…we are sold out. And I want to thank YOU so much for all the help and work you’ve given us. The web page has clearly been an enormous part of how we reached and convinced people to join us. One of the questions we always ask visitors and newcomers is “how did you hear about us?” The answer is often that they did a search and found our web page—great feedback always accompanies this statement. So, I know we are paying you for your services but I’m really glad we picked you. As I’ve said before, I feel smart because we chose you!" -longtime Squarespace client

"Such a great collaboration. Working with you, I have accomplished more in 3 months than 3 years before! Serious. Thank you for catapulting me into making my dream of being an Artist and having a website...into reality. It is a work in progress, and now 'out there' in the world." —local artist & Squarespace client

“OMG thank you so much. It looks so much better...the whole website looks pretty, fresh, and amazing.” —Squarespace client


  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

  • custom domains

  • website registration

  • website hosting

  • email

  • Google Docs integration

  • Google Analytics integration

  • website traffic analytics

  • 24/7 U.S. customer service

  • and more!


  • Free trial & several pricing plans to choose from

  • integrated ecommerce solutions & donations

  • stock photography at a discount

  • portfolio & image galleries

  • video & music embedding

  • custom forms

  • event calendars

  • news announcements

  • blogging

  • social media linking & integration

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