Etsy Workshop Participant Update

I'm super excited to post an update on my 3 current Etsy Workshop participants...

Diana just sold a piece of pottery after listing it Friday!

She makes beautiful, whimsical, unique, colorful, super functional pottery.

After a online sales hiatus, she's inspired to list items in her Etsy shop again.

Radha had a sale during our workshop after changing some settings on a shop listing!!! How cool is that?

Her partner, Erik Newquist makes incredibly beautiful and functional hand-forged tools and hooks.

Together, they work hard to make this business successful after recently relocating to the the Northwest.

Carolyn took our advice and has re-listed her knitting patterns in a new, separate shop and she's already had one sale!

Carolyn is a seasoned and successful Etsy shopkeeper who has sold both her artwork and knitting patterns for some time.

Her artwork is spectacular and knitting patterns are very hip and chic.

More Etsy Workshops!

There's one more space for my January Etsy workshop!

And I may be adding another Beginning Etsy workshop in January on another date and time. If you're interested, contact me!