New Squarespace Website Launched for David Conklin Photography

Congratulations to David Conklin Photography for launching his new Squarespace website today. This new site shows off David and his partner Linda's extensive and diverse portfolio and services much better than his old site did.

And his site is a great example of what is possible with today's technology... this site was designed, built and launched in 28 hours using a custom designed template with the online website builder,

With this new "responsive" website, David's photography can be seen properly on all screens, large (computers), medium (tablets) and small (smart phones.) And with Squarespace's online editing tools, David has helped to build his own Website and is able to edit and update it in the future as well... (with a little bit of coaching from me.)

Be sure to read about David and Linda's bios and services as they provide top-notch professional photography and archival printing and framing artwork to the Olympic Peninsula.

I love upgrading older HTML Websites to Squarespace. Are you ready to renovate your "vintage" Website? If so, let me know, first half hour meeting is free.