New Squarespace Website Launched for Egg and I Pottery

Isabel Bay Design is thrilled to announce that a new Squarespace 7 website for my bicycling buddy, friend and client, Diana Cronin of, was launched in late November.

No one does pottery quite like Diana—so fun, bright, beautiful and functional. Her new website has information and news about how to purchase her pottery and upcoming shows she's participating in.

By attending my Beginning and Continuing Squarespace workshops, Diana created her own multi-page website for her super creative and successful pottery business. Yay! Go Diana!

"I've revamped my website...what do you think?
It was time. I kept using the same old outdated program and I wanted to change the look of my website and have it function better with social media. So I signed up for a website class with Isabel Bay Design and Adrienne helped me to come up with this new design. It took me several months and I am still tweaking it but I am very happy with the new design. If any of you need help building your website, Adrienne Robineau is a very talented and experienced web guru. She also offers many classes for the do it yourselfer. Check out her website for more info Isabel Bay Design" —Diana Cronin

Thanks Diana!

With the latest version (7) of Squarespace, this new "responsive" website, can be seen properly on all screens, large (computers), medium (tablets) and small (smart phones.) And with Squarespace's online editing tools and with one-on-one training with me or by taking my Squarespace workshop, my clients will be able to maintain their own site in the future.

I love building Squarespace websites and teaching how to use Squarespace. Are you ready to launch a new website? If so, let me know, first half hour meeting is free.